Please find below a list of our fees

Mountain Lakes Medical prides itself on providing all our patients with the best possible medical care whilst maintaining the best value for our service. Below you find a list of all our fees according to your age group. Please note that the fees are for a Standard Consultation. A standard consultation usually requires a patient to present with one medical problem. Other problems can sometimes be addressed as well, at the discretion of the doctor or nurse and as time permits.

Under 13 13-17 yrs 18-64 yrs 65+ yrs  Immigration Medical
Visitors (living in New Zealand) $150 $150 $150 $150
Overseas Visitors $150 $150 $150
Living in Queenstown but not eligible to enroll $70 $70 $70 $70
Living in Queenstown and enrolled Free $30 $55 $50
Under 15 years old $155
13 years old or over $240

* We do not charge you extra if you have not lived in New Zealand for 2 years yet. However, if you are enrolled at another practice and wish to remain enrolled there, there is a small surcharge for a “one-off” consultation with us.