Are you in the middle of planning your “run away from New Zealand to seek shiny new adventures” trip?

Wherever you’re going and whatever ever you’re doing – daydreaming on an island in a hammock, or learning yoga at a retreat deep within India – make sure you properly prepare your body is for its new environment.

Here’s what we recommend before you leave Queenstown:

  1. Make an appointment with your doctor 8 weeks (at least) before your trip. That way we can give you advice on health hazards specific to your destination, and organise any vaccinations you might need. Some of these need to be administered well in advance of your trip to work properly.
  2. Take a First Aid kit with you. Inside, have some simple pain relief drugs (eg. paracetamol) plus wound dressings, plasters and antiseptic creams.
  3. Ask your doctor for a traveller’s diarrhoea treatment kit and advice on what to do if diarrhoea strikes (even if you don’t need vaccinations definitely ask your doctor about this, because statistically travellers are way more likely to get an upset stomach than a tropical disease).
  4. Pack your regular medication, and take extra in case of an emergency; if it’s essential medication, keep it in your hand luggage so you’re not caught short in the event of your luggage being lost.
  5. Be super careful about drinking water and making food choices while you’re away. If you’re in doubt about the quality of the local water, buy bottled water and use it for both drinking and brushing your teeth. Be choosy with food too, the fresher the better.
  6. In some countries there is a risk of malaria and other insect-related diseases, so bring a decent insect repellent, and consider using bed-nets and/or antimalarials.
  7. If you’re pregnant (or trying to be) and you’re a bit worried about the Zika virus, ask your doctor for information and advice.
  8. Look after your personal safety and sexual health – take a good supply of condoms and contraception.
  9. Explore the best Travel Insurance options to cover you for medical (and other) situations that might come up.
  10. Check out these websites for more information:

All of our doctors can help you with travel advice, and Dr Tracy Murgatroyd has a special interest and a diploma in this field. Call us now to book a Travel Consultation:

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