If you are planning an overseas holiday – diving, trekking, climbing or just relaxing on the beach. Check before you go wether you need any vaccinations or advice. There are some good websites which will point you in the right direction such as:

The Centres for Disease and Control prevention website – https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel

Fit for Travel Website – https://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/


  • Contact the surgery at least 8 weeks before for travel advice and vaccinations.
  • Think about taking a first aid kit – simple analgesia, dressings and antiseptic creams. Your GP can provide you with a travellers’ diarrhea treatment kit and advice
  • Taking regular medication with some extra in case of emergency- try to keep all regular, essential  medication in your hand luggage in case of lost luggage scenarios
  • Health precautions- careful choices with regards to drinking water and food. Think about your risk of malaria and other insect bourne diseases and ensure you have adequate protection such as insect repellents, bed nets and/or antimalarials. Please contact the surgery if you have any concerns with regards to pregnancy and Zika virus.  Consider your personal safety and sexual health take condoms and contraception. Ensure you have an adequate level of travel insurance to cover your needs and activities.

All of our doctors can provide travel advice, Dr Tracy Murgatroyd has a special interest and a diploma in this field.